What happens on the road, part II (English post)

My English-speaking friends, I should feel ashamed having not done more English updates. But I am not, because this trip has been a joy, a pleasure, a kiss by life. Feeling like in a dream, but with being a wide awake. These weeks will stay with me forever.

It could name hundreds of things and incidents, but I will just name a few things that come randomly across my mind (more or less chronological).

-In Sweden, a hobby book-writer gave me a ride, we talked about plots, her work, life in general. I also drove with two Iraqis, who were telling me about the situation there.

-in Oslo, I experienced complete peace just by watching the fishermen in the harbour at night, doing nothing but waiting for a catch.

-In Scotland, I met Paul, a Scottish treeplanter and hippie. We went cherrypicking together in the hills and he gave me a place to stay at his croft, near the sea, with plenty of sheeps and mountains in sight. He showed me how it was to live in harmony with nature again.

-hitchhiking through the Highlands was pure bliss, with local people saying hello and even 70-year-old ladies picking you up in the middle of nowhere. Not even to mention the beauty of the landscape.

-on the Scottish islands, a nurse picked me up and told me so many thing about Isle of Lewis that I regretted not staying. I could have gone on and on like this, just driving around the island.

-I had great hosts like Aapo in Aberdeen or Robert in Belfast, who I had the pleasure of being the first couchsurfer after he moved there from the Netherlands. Belfast itself was quite full of history.

-in Dublin’s pubs, I danced the night away like there was no tomorrow.

-in Liverpool, I had a wonderful morning walking through the city while everybody was still sleeping. The wind was hell, though.
-On my way to London, Kevin picked me up, even though I wasn’t even standing there to hitch. He just returned from living in Greece because of his sick wife – and seldom have I met a jollier guy. After that, Edward, a guy from Zimbabwe, picked me up with his BMW and took me to London. I am pretty sure that the car was, well, not exactly paid for
-in London, I met a new friend and we spent the night on the roof talking about politics, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. In Brussels, I met an old friend, who I do not want to miss in my life.

-in France, a British couple picked me up at a parking space next to the highway, even offering me tea and food. In Germany, I went with a driver from Kosovo and I gave him my map, because he had to go all the way to the east of Hungary without having one.

-in Germany, an old friend invited me to his party and even drove me to the highway – after he had become sober again, that is.

I could go on and on, but this is not the time and place to do it. So I just want to say thank you to everybody I met or who has followed this. I am the luckiest guy in the world having been able to do this. Be all blessed!

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